Integrating SMS into your software application - Why United Interactive?
Integrating SMS into your software application - Why United Interactive?

As a Developer choosing the right SMS Service Provider is crucial when implementing your application. At TextAnywhere we recognise the importance of this and created our Developer API.

The Developer API is specially designed for clients who wish to integrate a text-messaging capability within their own application. The application may be for internal use or part of a system sold to clients.

The Developer API is completely free of charge, it’s designed to ensure ease of use and swift integration between your application and the SMS Gateway.

The key components of the toolkit are:
  • Use of our Web Service, HTTPS Connector and SMTP Service interfaces.
  • Fully documented methods for sending SMS messages.
  • A secure SMS account which interfaces with our Web service.
  • Free text messages to test your application.
  • Ability to send messages internationally.
  • Unlimited, free technical support.
  • Access to our team of developers for advice and guidance.
  • Competitive SMS prices and a reseller partnership, if required.
Setting up an account with United Interactive is free of charge, you are not tied to a contract – this means we can have you up andrunning in 15 minutes. We also add 20 free messages to your account when you join us for you to test our services. We have a Technical Support team so please contact us with any issues or questions you may have.
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