Privacy policy in UIGTC

UIGTC respects the privacy of your information, and will never sell your personal information or diversion it to any other party without prior permission from you or for purely legal issues.

The user is fully responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of his passwords and data. And the user should be caution in revealing his information, if the user has voluntarily disclosed any information of its own (for example, in the message boards, or via e-mail), the other users may use it and use it.

In UIGTC we Rely on automatically filtering system handles the messages that may contain words that are obscene or threatening or infringement or advertising messages to abbreviated services numbers or spam to the people who do not wish to receive these messages.. and our technical support team will check the messages and they we may have to delete the message if is it will breach of the conditions of service using or the Kuwaiti Ministry of Transportation and may stop the user account permanently without any compensation because of his violation of the Terms of Use UIGTC will post on the website any changes may be happen in the policies regarding privacy of information, to inform all users.

Terms to use UIGTC services.

You agree to use this website only for lawful purposes, and you will refrain from sending or submitting any material through this website that would prejudice or infringe on the rights of others or prevent or limit using of this website, or that is illegal, or to contain any threaten or abuse or libel or infringement on the privacy of others, or copyrights of others, or obscene words, or offensive to Islam or sacred, or for any other non-acceptable reason, or that would encourage to do a crime or violation on civil liability, or violation of any law.

The website is not responsible for SMS delay or loss in the following cases: 1. Writing wrong mobile numbers 2. Lack of text messaging service or used language or the compatibility of the mobile future 3. The lack of coverage for the mobile network in the receiver mobile or outside the scope of coverage if the client requested to cancel the service and retrieve his money, we return the remaining amount to him (after calculating the points that he have used.)